While we were living in Brussels, the 2016 airport and metro bombings happened. The fear and the sadness made us want to stay closer home, as we both travelled a lot for work. I got onto more conference calls, but it was a real issue for Bob – he delivered corporate training and business simulations for University MBA programs and without an airport, he was delivering this training virtually. It was not all bad, the boys felt more safe and loved having their father home more and we were all out of the house while he delivered the training. But his “backdrop” that was being captured by the webcam was an issue: with a 6 and 7 year old, is was toys and books everywhere, with the occasional sock thrown in for good measure! As Bob delivered corporate training from home, he needed a neat and tidy space in our already small house. We bought storage furniture, decreased the toys, moved furniture around, moved the laptop and desk around, but there was only one well lit, natural light spot that put on display our living room, dining room and right out to our back yard. Bob tried traditional green screens (big black frames with a long drop cloth) but they drove me nuts! They were huge, and to heavy (with Bob’s back injury) and time consuming to take apart and set up, so he left it there, with their long clothes! Keeping the kids away from these contraptions was not problem (note the sarcasm), and so he hounded the kids to “not touch” while I hounded him to pull it apart, at least when he didn’t have back to back teaching days. I quickly realized this didn’t matter, pulled apart, it took so much space and was so heavy that carrying it down to and up from the basement was a real pain. And this is when, with the help of friends and business contacts, Bob came up with the NeatScreen!

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