Robert Hanna, EMBA HEC-McGill

A business professional with 25 years of international experience and an EMBA under his belt who thrives on getting involved in the running of a business, managing projects and helping SMEs  to improve their processes and grow their revenues and customer base. 

He’s worked mainly in Tech and innovative organizations, utilizing his transferable skills in various sectors such as automotive and bio-tech/pharmaceutical. He’s a great fit for the SME businesses environment and also has extensive experience in logistics, channel management and European and US owned companies.

Not a typical “executive”, who loves crunching the numbers, analyzing data, interviewing and discussing to gain understanding of the business landscape for informed decision making. Passionate about business development and training & developing; designed AI enabled competency models and business “Academys” for multinational companies  as well as SMEs in a variety of fields. 

Our Projects


Data Analysis and BI

Development of an AI-based competency model for the biopharmaceutical industry


Creation of apps and software

Creation of the NeatScreen, green screen software and reversible green screens and media, manufactured, marketed and sold throughout North America


Business Consulting

Development of VR modules for competency-based training 

Product Design and Development

Creation of the first fully adaptable and specially designed mobile clinical trial application in Canada


Supporting Us Through Grants