How do I assemble my greenscreen?
How do I put away my Neatscreen? - Important point of attention!
  • ATTENTION: When removing the screen from the stand, slide the rim of the popup screen away from the magnets at the top of the stand. Never pull them apart, you risk popping the magnets out of place – always slide them apart. Why? The magnets are powerful rare-earth magnets. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN UNDER 3.
How do I fold my greenscreen?
How do I use the Zoom virtual background?
How do I ensure the proper lighting?
  • The light, whether artificial (e.g. floor lamp) or natural (e.g. sunlight), should always be in front of you, not on the sides, directly above or from behind.
  • If you are using a lamp, place it in front of your workspace. The light should be muted: a professional choice is a box light (lamp in a cloth box as used in photography), but any lamp with a dimmer should do, or covering a normal lamp (but no cloth touching the bulb!).
  • If you are using natural light, place yourself in front of a window and open the blinds or curtains. The natural light should come in but you should not have direct sun on your face. If this is the case, shift your location slightly or time your video calls or production to when the sun is optimal. This is where artificial light can be more practical and a worthwhile investment.
My screen has a slight curve and some wrinkles. Will this be a problem on my video?
  • This will have no impact on your video – the slight curve is normal with any pop-up screen. Unless wrinkles are very deep and rigid (which is very unlikely) they don’t have an impact. Wrinkles can be steamed out if it bothers you aesthetically.
How can I keep my kids safe online?
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