The Work from home kit



The Work from home kit, everything you need to get set up!

NeatScreen is an easy to set up and use, with our portable green screen system – ideal for setting a professional background on ZOOM or WebEx calls, or for creating video content for YouTube or other social media platforms. The pop-up screen is made of muslin, for low reflectivity of green or blue, unlike standard polyester screens, and the entire screen rim is magnetic, allowing for an instant connection to the stand. The stand sets up in under 1 minute. When you’re done the screen simply detaches by sliding. Included: – Screen and carrying case: Foldable screen with 2 side handles, reversible wrinkle-free green and blue fabric, in 100% muslin, to avoid any reflective glare!! Pantone 354C on one side, 2735C on the other! – Includes : Patent pending NeatScreen Stand and carrying case: lightweight, magnetic stand that sets up in under a minute. Folds down to 40cmx 7cm and weighs 600 grams! It’s FAA approved as cabin luggage, easy to transport, and stow. Also, includes Pop-up reversible blue/greenscreen NeatScreen and carrying case. Screen folds down to 76cm in diameter.

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 78 × 76 × 5 cm


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