Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words…then a video is worth a million.

Are you trying to get your message out there, but getting stuck? Curious about making a Facebook video?

Video is a great way to get your message out – vlogging is taking over blogging quickly, simply because it a quick way to get your message across in a way that people are more likely to engage with.

Put yourself in front of your audience, tell your story and connect with them. When we are told a story, we remember it and feel a strong connection. Hollywood uses this in kids’ movies all the time (and in classics like the Hudson Hawk!) We remember the tone of the voice and the emotion, the body language, the look in their eyes as they shared their story.

Look at TedTalks and YouTube…you remember a TedTalk long after you’ve watched it.  You’ll explain it to a friend or colleague and then share the link with them. The clincher?  You tell them, “it’s only 4 minutes but it’s incredible, they explained it so clearly and simply, I’ve read tons about this topic but this was really clear”. Video engages more senses than print – it’s that simple.

YouTube is the most active website in the world – being a YouTuber or a vlogger is now a career choice that can pay the bills. Very, very few bloggers have had the success that we have seen among YouTubers and Vloggers. Actually, if you take a look, the really successful bloggers have added videos, if not switched to full on vlogging.  After all, there’s a reason, it’s called TedTalks and not TedBlogs, why it’s called YouTube and not YouBlog.

User videos can really make the difference – watching a “how it’s done” video on YouTube has practically replaced written explanations.  Would you rather watch a 3 minute video of how to connect your dishwasher, or try to make heads or tails of the instructions?  It works because a good video teaches by showing.

One day, I was showing the greenscreen software to a prospective customer, who was interested in becoming an investor. Now let me tell you my little secret, since having kids, my memory is basically a sieve at times, and I forget things at the worst moments.  Well, this presentation was one such time.  As I started to show “how easy” this greenscreen software was to use, my mind drew a blank as I tried to show him an advanced feature.  Where do I click first? How do I set the color slider? As the seconds passed, my mind became more and more blank… I clicked around on the screen but failed to get it working and panicked some more.  Needless to say, it didn’t go well!  From the car, I called the team and told them – “the software isn’t working, how could you guys send me without checking the software?” When I got home, they showed me the software was working… I had forgotten one simple click… This is when I told them ” we need a user video please, for me, as a detail aid, just like when I was a sales rep!” 

Videos aren’t just for your viewers or clients, they can also be for you. Video is a great aid to help cover all the little details you might miss when talking, especially if you are trying to answer questions at the same time. So rather than trying to remember everything or write it out – consider video as the medium for your message!

Need help creating a video?  Want to know what makes a great video? Check out the next post!

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