What is your core message?

More and more people use video to get their message out. Whether it’s a standalone video, a vlog, or a YouTube channel, here are a few things to look out for:

1:  What is your core message?

Ask yourself:  what key points do I want to get across?  Be specific – instead of saying healthy eating, narrow it down:  Healthy eating through juicing. Instead of beauty, narrow it down: beautiful skin through essential oils. 

If the topic is too vague, you will just be lost in the crowd.  Think of how precisely you Google a topic, this is how you should select your niche. 

2:  Who is your target audience?

When  talking to someone face to face, we tailor our message to them. Think about who you want to be talking to and make your video relevant to them. And the answer to this question is not “everyone”!  Narrow it down – if you are stuck, then think about: What are their interests? What will attract these people? 
Narrow your audience down as much as possible.  You might be thinking that this will close doors with some people, but it’s more important to appeal to an enthusiastic minority who will share your message than to a disinterested audience… 

3: Break it down!

List the different topics you want to tackle around your core message.  To help you do this, ask yourself, what problem can I solve? What would be helpful to my target audience? If you don’t know, ask!  Do a little research via friends or a community and ask:  on the topic of (…), what would be helpful to you?  What do you want to know? Where do you get stuck? 

4:  Don’t over think it!  

We often get stuck when we aim to be perfect. People often get caught up about how they look on camera and what their background looks like. Read my story about trying almost every room in the house, trying to find a “good angle”. Don’t let your background stop you and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the right look.  Don’t let your background be an excuse to not produce. Your background is important as it adds your message and the mood.  Renovating a room, spending tons on decoration items, or even renting a locale, is something that people do to get comfortable in front of the camera. This approach is expensive, locks you into the same look, and is very time consuming. One of the best ways to get your background right is to use a greenscreen and webcam software.  A system like NeatScreen is easy to set up, cost effective, and lets you keep the look of your videos fresh. Use a different background for each video and focus on your message. You do you.

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